Who We Are

Canadian Company

15 Brands, 100+ products, located in 5000+ stores

Founded in 2011

We develop and market innovative products that contribute to healthier and happier lives for our customers. Our team of directors and professionals recognize the needs of our customers and respond with quality solutions.

We are a fast-growing company that is constantly adapting to the ever-changing markets, but we hold steady to our core values of quality, inclusion and community

What We Do

We produce and manufacture quality products while giving back to the community. Our team of professionals use years of experience in market trends and the health and wellness industry to create and deliver valuable products to people that need them.

We Give Back

Here at Trend Innovations we pride ourselves on our ability to

• Foresee and research new trends to identify the future needs of our customers

• Collaborate with our team of experts to create a quality product

• We then manufacture our products in Canada and distribute locally and globally

• Most importantly, we use our new brands and products to give back to the community.

Giving Back to the Community

Trend Innovations is passionate about making this world a better place. That is why we make it a priority for each brand to give back to their community through a variety of partnerships and programs. Learn more about Trend Innovations social initiatives and how each brand gives back to the community in their own exceptional way.

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