Elixir is a breakthrough innovation in pain management. This wearable treatment can relieve joint, muscle and arthritic pain as well as ease stiff and sore muscles. 

The key to this innovative product is a natural plant-based ingredient that is incorporated into the fabric. Once activated by body heat, the ingredient is absorbed by your skin and promotes healing. This comfortable and machine washable product is here to help you live your active lifestyle pain-free.

More Brands

Cultur roll ons relieve chronic pain and can help you live your best life. This roll on pain relief combines whole plant extracts including cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes for reliable relief.
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NoJetLag is your No. 1 solution for the common curse of jet lag. No more disturbed sleep, fatigue, or difficulty concentrating after long travel.
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Made of acrylic, this portable 32” x 22” shield can be placed on any flat surface to create a transparent barrier between employees and their customer/patients.
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Hot and cold treatments are effective therapy for a variety of injuries and ailments. Kinetic gel pack offers you both treatments in one easy-to-use gel pack.
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Grandma’s For Bees transports you back to a simpler time. This lovely brand is famous for its delicious Honey Drops and environmental initiatives.
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