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We value

Currently searching for hard working and passionate individuals to support technology development, network growth and customer service. You will spend each day contributing to a product and brand that betters the lives of the people around you. Trend Innovations employees work hard to stay ahead of the trends while providing quality products that contribute to healthier and happier communities.

The Perks

Feel Supported

Trend Innovations prides themselves on a supportive environment. No one needs to problem solve alone.

Everyone Has a Voice

Trend Innovations values everyone’s opinion and voice. We believe true innovation requires inclusive collaboration.

Make a Move

You may apply for one position but find you are best suited for another within the company. Trend Innovations is flexible and wants to see you succeed.

Room to Grow

As a fast-growing company, there is always room to grow.

Flexible Work Hours

Sometimes life gives us unique situations that require flexibility. Trend Innovations is here to help.

Positive Atmosphere

We are here to provide a positive workplace!

Are you a Student?

Trend Innovations offers a variety of internships for any age. Discover your passion, learn new skills, gain valuable work experience and collaborate with seasoned professionals. To read more about what you can expect from an internship at Trend Innovations, click here

Are you an Athlete?

Trend Innovations is a Proud Partner of Game Plan Canada, a total athlete wellness program that is designed to help former and current national team athletes live better and more holistic lives.


Trend Innovations wants you to be yourself!  We see the value in different backgrounds, ages, cultures, languages, work experiences and more. To learn more about our diverse team of hardworking people, please explore the following articles.

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