Food & Beverage

Our facility has developed several products in recent years: everything start with an idea.

Personal Care

We have worked on Hand Soap, Body Wash, Cleansing solutions and more.


We developed Hand Sanitizer and Surface Disinfectant in house—and with partners—to fight COVID.

Sports & Wellness

This growing category is on our radar. We developed sustainable products to help people in their day to day lives.


Carry out good practices and use the right products to prevent the propagation of the coronavirus! Safeshield's hygiene and disinfectant solutions are vital to fighting this pandemic.

◎    Protect yourself, your family and people around you
◎    Disinfect any hard surface at home, at work, in your car
◎    Gel and foaming solutions
◎    Green products



We are a manufacturing company composed of agile and experienced engineers, chemists, material handlers and managers, we are skilled in various types of consumer products.


To carry out our Environmental Quality Policy, we pledge to ensure that our products, packaging, and operations are safe for our employees, consumers and the environment.

Health & Safety

Safety is one of the highest priorities within TREND. It is imperative that everyone follows the policies and guidelines to ensure their own safety, and the safety of those around them.


We are honest with people about their performance. We believe that doing what is right for the business with integrity will lead to mutual success for both the company and the individual, setting a good exemple for future generations.


Let's grow

Join our team! We enjoy a creative, dynamic and inclusive culture focused on one goal – improving the world around us through imagination and innovation.

EL(X)R 01 02 Safeshield Hand sanitizing gel and foaming solutions. Surface disinfectant. Approved by Health Authorities. Go to Product → 02 Safeshield 03 Grandma's For Bees 03 Grandma's For Bees Honey drops made with real Canadian honey. Go to Product → 01 EL(X)R Pain Relief Wearable. An advanced pain relief wearable technology. Knee, ankle, elbow, or back pain: you’re covered. Go to Product → FEATURED PRODUCTS

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