What is the most common product being purchased during the summer? That’s right! Sunscreen! Well it’s a great idea to wear sunscreen all year long, it’s especially important during those hot summer days when the sun is more intense.

Most of us have experienced the painful side effects of too much sun exposure – the redness, the pain, the itching, and the peeling skin. Even if you consistently applied sun protection, if you forget to reapply, there’s still a high risk that you could get burned anyway. While the immediate side effects of overexposure are extremely unpleasant, the long-term risk of skin cancer is much worse. This is a bigger concern for people who live in countries where the hot burning sun shows itself throughout most of the year. Still, the risk of skin cancer touches everyone. In Canada for instance, it is estimated that one in 57 men and 1 in 74 women will develop melanoma at some point during their lifetime – mostly caused by overexposure to sunlight.

Luckily, a Toronto-based company hopes to prevent the harmful consequences of sun overexposure by creating a new wearable. This device, called QSun, is easily attached to clothing and uses advanced sensors to track UV rays, notifying the user when they might be at risk of overexposure to the sun. It doesn’t end there! QSun also has a corresponding smartphone application that gives users personalized sun care recommendations based on both weather and their very own skin type. It’s not over! This device can also calculate how much vitamin D the user has produced from sun exposure which allows to maximize the intake of the vitamin safely.

The device has other features, including reminders for when to apply and reapply sunscreen, how much to put on and even analyze your skin to tell you how long before you will get a sunburn! Now that’s an invention! Who knows maybe that will solve skin cancer once and for all!