Trend Innovations’ Natali Fagan is a shining example of dedication and perseverance. Natali, a current brand manager for Trend Innovations, left her home and job in Nova Scotia and moved to Montreal to train at one of the best facilities in Canada.

However, when Natali’s funding was decreased (funding is often fluctuating for most athletes), she was faced with the daunting issue of how to continue training, competing and paying her bills. Her educational background in oceanic research was an unrealistic job option now that she lived in Montreal. Thankfully, she was able to connect with an athlete advisor who connected her with Trend Innovations.

Even though Natali’s educational background was not in sales, business, or marketing, she quickly adapted to her new position. Natali explained, “If you’re coachable, you are employable. You can take feedback – [athletes] are used to being evaluated, taking feedback and improving.”

Trend Innovations currently provides Natali with a flexible schedule so that she can continue to train and pursue her career as a Canadian athlete.

Natali attributes much of her success at Trend Innovations to the adaption and work ethic she has developed from sport. Flexible work hours are essential for any athletes trying to balance elite sport and work. Providing this flexibility does require some accommodations. However, Trend Innovations is willing to do what they can to support Canadian Athletes, while setting them up for future success in the workplace.