Who we are

Trend Innovations is Montreal-based manufacturer and distributor of wellness products. We develop and market innovative products that really make a difference, and add vitality to our customers'​ lives. We are close to our markets, and stay on top of current trends. We focus on exciting brands that change how people see healthcare.

We are a team of creative, smart and hardworking people. We are always on the move. We try to be ahead of the game and focus on innovation. You can find our products in over 5,000 stores across Canada. We are continuously expanding our portfolio to include other products that meet the wellness needs of the active generation!

Our Goals

Our Goals

01. Products for the Active Generation

We work on big ideas that could have important social impact and improve quality of life of millions of people. We are focused on innovations that help people to stay active and maintain good quality of life.

02. Products with a Conscience

We strive to create eco-friendly products that are good for people and the planet by prioritizing natural ingredients as well as recyclable packaging.

03. Products with Smart Design

Our products are effortlessly sleek and modern, without any compromise to durability. From packaging to products, we’re all about the details.

04. Products with Great Value

We offer high-quality products at the most competitive price possible by fostering great relationships with our suppliers.