Trend Innovations is proud to announce the launch of one of their newest brands, Grandma’s for Bees. This comforting brand of lozenges made its debut at the recent Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) trade show, showcasing Grandma’s delicious Honey Drops to fellow health enthusiasts. Grandma’s for Bees has now joined the numerous Canadian health brands in promoting healthier food, products and lifestyles for Canadians.

The trade show proved to be an excellent event to showcase what Grandma’s has to offer the health industry. Grandma’s has created a quality product, proudly made in Canada while using natural ingredients. Both the CHFA and Grandma’s share the common goal of helping Canadians live happier and healthier lives.

Introducing Grandma’s for Bees

Grandma’s for Bees may be one of Trend Innovations newer brands, but their Honey Drops are meant to take us back to a simpler time. A time where real and natural ingredients where the only options. Grandma’s Honey Drops are designed to soothe cold symptoms while providing a sweet treat. With flavours like Eucalyptus, Lemon, Mint, and Butterscotch, there is a little something for everyone.

Grandma’s Quality

Each Honey Drop is made with 100% real honey sourced from Canadian beekeepers. This means Grandma’s for Bees can guarantee the quality of honey in each lozenge while supporting local beekeepers. Grandma’s also has an initiative to make the world a better place, with partnerships with Bee City Canada to protect the pollinators and an active fundraising platform set up by Grandma’s herself. Trend Innovations is proud to share that Grandma’s for Bees is truly a sweet brand inside and out. Each Honey Drop encompasses everything that is good; a sweet treat, a soothing lozenge, all while helping to save the pollinators.

Look for Grandma’s Honey Drops Near You

The Honey Drops delicious flavours spoke for themselves at the recent CHFA trade show. Although, lozenges are not always thought of as a delicious treat, fellow CHFA goers were especially impressed by the delicious taste of Grandma’s Honey Drops. In particular the Butterscotch Honey Drops seemed to be a favourite. “They kept coming back for seconds” commented Gisela, a current in-house Grandmother who has worked closely with the brand since the beginning.

Grandma’s for Bees product is now distributed in pharmacies across Canada. To learn more about Grandma’s for Bees or to try a delicious Honey Drop please visit