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Beside all bottle and product we have in stock TREND have access to over 6,000 containers and closures, from blue, amber and clear glass bottles, to green, amber and natural plastic bottles and jars. Each Container has an assortment of closure styles and colors to choose from.

We also have a large selection of metal tins with solid tops, clear tops or screw top lids. We serve customers throughout the world and are proud to work with both large and small businesses alike.


You're looking for soap, body wash, shampoo or more...not a problem we have developed several formulation that might fit your needs.  If we don't we have we will develop it for you.


In the weeks since the release of the Statistics Canada study Canadian Consumers Prepare for COVID-19, which analyzed trends in consumer demand and sales up to the week ending March 14, 2020, Canadians have been adapting to a new normal.

With many stores and service providers closed or operating with reduced hours, classrooms moved online, a newly defined workforce made up of essential workers and those able to work from home, and millions of Canadians experiencing lost hours of work or layoffs as a result of the pandemic, life at home has taken on a new definition.

The way Canadians are making purchases at grocery stores can provide some insight into the way they are sustaining themselves and their families, and spending their time at home.



Product Development

Our development team will guide you to this process to get the quality product you want.


Our design team will propose you a choice of packaging, labels, design according to your needs.


We can develop a ready to show prototype for you, your development team and your clients.