The common question that many athletes face when retiring from sport is what should I do now? After dedicating more than half her life to competitive sport, Olympic Freestyle skier Keltie Hansen announced her retirement in 2018. Although Keltie is lucky to have found another passion to pursue as physiotherapist, she still has a long way to go in her education before that is a reality. In the meantime, Keltie had to polish up her resume and do her best to make her minimal work experience, besides the 10 years of full-time training on the national team, look appealing to employers to make a living in between school programs.

“I was lucky, I had a what I consider a successful career and I was able to make a decent living from skiing and save.” She mentions that this is not always the case for a lot of athletes. Keltie worked closely with Game Plan Canada throughout her transition and utilized their many resources including the employer’s network that includes Trend Innovations. “I thought it would be best to apply to a company that understands why I don’t have as much work experience as other employees my age.”

Keltie was relieved to be hired as a copy writer for Trend Innovations. To create engaging content, Keltie combines her undergraduate degree in arts and science with her skill of storytelling, which she developed from marketing herself as an athlete. As Keltie is located in BC, she is extremely grateful that Trend Innovations has allowed her to work remotely and deeply appreciates the mentorship she has received from Jelena Neylan, the president of Trend Innovations.