Trend Innovations’ flexible schedule seems to be one of the most helpful factors that a company can provide to an athlete. Marisa Field, one of Canada’s top professional volleyball players, is very grateful for her opportunity and flexible work schedule with Trend Innovations. Marisa currently works remotely from Greece and is able to balance her athletic training schedule and her job as Social Media Manager for some of Trend Innovations’ brands, like No-Jet-Lag and Grandma’s Honey Drops.

Marisa, who is beginning to wind down her athletic career after 11 successful years of playing on the Canadian National Volleyball team, commented that her experience in sport has positively contributed to her role at Trend Innovations. Years of building relationships in sport, while traveling all over the world, has given Marisa a unique insight into what is takes to build relationships on social media. She is also used to balancing multiple projects at once, as she was a student-athlete at UBC for 5 years before graduating with a Chemistry degree and beginning her professional volleyball ventures. She explained that this was a huge advantage in managing the variety of projects that Trend Innovations has her working on.

Marisa is happy with the new challenges, opportunities and experience Trend Innovations has provided for her, especially as she explores her options beyond sport. It can be a daunting choice for an athlete to change their career. Trend Innovations not only offers flexible work hours but mentorship and skill development for several roles within the company. This is a great resource for any athlete who is searching for their next career path.