Trend Innovations is proud to introduce Safe Shield, an innovative approach to healthcare protective equipment. This brand is designed to create products that result in a safer workplace for pharmacist and other professionals. This type of product is of utmost importance during the pandemic of COVID-19, as our pharmacists and other healthcare workers are essential in the defence against this highly infectious virus.

In the past few weeks, Trend Innovations received several requests to innovate a non-intrusive solution to assist pharmacies in safely continuing their operations. Trend Innovations has done their best to respond quickly, while accurately assessing this complex situation. After productive deliberation Trend Innovations is proud to announce the launch of Safe Shield Counter Protectors.

Safe Shield Counter Protector

The Safe Shield Counter Protector is a transparent acrylic panel that provides a non-intrusive barrier between pharmacy staff and their patients. Complete with a document slot, this transparent barrier can help reduce the transfer of respiratory droplets that contribute to the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

With no assembly required, this product provides an ideal non-invasive solution as pharmacists continue to interact with their patients on a daily basis. Safe Shield Counter Protector is not only effective but also provides an alternative to masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) that are currently in short supply.

 Personal Protective Equipment

As COVID-19 sweeps the globe, the demand for health care services combined with public panic have contributed to a depleted supply of PPE supplies. This equipment includes surgical masks, scrubs, gloves, face shields and more. These products are the protective uniform that our healthcare workers need to work safely. Therefore, it is now more important than ever to provide new sources of protective equipment for our healthcare worker and those workers who provide essential services to society. For more on this issue please visit Safe Shield: Stay Current.

More to Come

As the demand for products like Safe Shield increase, Trend Innovations team will continue to find innovative solutions to provide a safer work environment for everyone. Trend Innovations will do this by focusing additional efforts into the Safe Shield brand in addition to producing and shipping these products as efficiently as possible. Please visit to stay up to date on available products and information regarding COVID-19.