is EL(X)R.

EL(X)R Wear introduces the first revolutionary pain relief wearables. The minute you start wearing it, EL(X)R starts immediately to relief pain and reduce inflammation.

No more cream, patch, or pills that only mask the experience of pain. Elixir addresses the underlying conditions that cause pain (particularly inflammation), stimulating the body to heal itself.

It offers a safe alternative remedy for pain, without the risks associated with conventional painkillers.

it works.

Embedded in the fabric, there are millions of nanoparticles containing our pain reliever.

Each particle is 100% natural, made of two most powerful pain relief plants: Arnica and Wintergreen. Simply wear EL(X)R, and the millions of nano particles are actived and release by your body heat and movement. EL(X)R's pain reliver is effective for 600 hours of usage.

it works.

The active ingredients are absorbed into your skin, which promotes blood circulation, cools irritation and reduces inflammation, alleviates joint and arthrities pain and eases stiffness of sore muscles. Wether it's your knee, back, shoulder, elbow or ankle, we have a unique EL(X)R wearable for your pain.

You can wear it all day while performing regular life activities, sports as well as during sleep for total recovery.

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All the ELIXIR wear are made using premium quality material. So, you can use them whenever and wherever you wish to. Just make sure to change your machine settings to COLD water.



You want to feel better, not cause additional problems! That's why ELIXIR is made of all natural remedy that has been proven to work, without the risks and side effects of conventional painkillers.


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