Trend Innovations strives to provide opportunity for everyone in their community.

In 2017, Statistics Canada recorded that 6.2 million people in Canada were living with disabilities, this was 22.3 % of the population. There is a wide variety of disabilities that can greatly affect a person’s quality of life, both visible and non-visible. In fact, the Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD) has reported that a person with a disability is twice as likely to live in poverty than other Canadians. This concerning situation is likely due to the lack of work opportunities, accommodations and resources made available to anyone living with a disability.

Addressing the Issues

The CCD also reported that a person with a disability is far more likely to experience exclusion “from quality education, from employment and from participation in their communities.” As a prosperous country, opportunity for education, employment and participation in community should be equally assessible to every Canadians citizen. In order to address these issues, there needs to be more effort attributed to offering inclusive opportunities and increased resources for anyone living with a disability. As a small business, Trend Innovations is doing what they can to provide work opportunities for everyone in their community.

Trend Innovations Is Providing Opportunity

Trend Innovations has made the choice to provide work opportunities to people with disabilities by working with Serlan Inc., a local organization. Located in Montreal, this organization provides appropriate and assessable jobs for people with disabilities in the nearby community. Serlan Inc., gives companies like Trend innovations an opportunity to provide work for around 40 people that would perhaps be unable to acquire a job due to their disability or additional needs.

Serlan Inc., offers an assessable and inclusive workspace for those searching for work. The organization matches employees with an appropriate task to their skill level and capabilities, some of these tasks include packaging and product assembly. While most companies hire cheap labour overseas, Trend Innovations has chosen to outsource work to Serlan Inc. This way Trend Innovations, who does not currently have the resources to create assessible positions to all disabilities, can still contribute to providing opportunities for everyone. Trend Innovations truly believes that inclusion should be an important part of every workplace.

Moving Forward with Inclusivity

Working with Serlan Inc., is Trend Innovations first step towards an important goal of the company; to help their community and promote an inclusive workplace in Canada. As Trend Innovation grows, they will be searching for more organizations that offer similar programs to Serlan Inc. To continue their mission of inclusivity, Trend Innovations has also partnered with March of Dimes and will be working with this charity on future projects. Make sure to stay up to date on Trend Innovations news to hear more about the collaboration with March of Dimes.

Please contact Trend Innovations if your organization supports programs of inclusive work or you have any questions regarding our partnership with Serlan Inc., or March of Dimes.