Trend Innovations Reinforcing Canadian Values of Diversity and Inclusion

When researching the topic of Canadian Immigration, it is clear that Canada has a reputation for diversity and being a place of opportunity for everyone. To confirm this reputation, Canada is currently listed in the top 10 countries of RepTrak, a reputable company that provides a ranking of countries based on a variety of economic, government and environment factors.

Unfortunately, Canada used to be much higher on this list and a recent review has shown that Canada could be slipping. A review on immigration employment for skilled workers discusses how Canadian immigrants can often struggle to find jobs and integrate into the Canadian workplace. But there is hope, Trend Innovations wants to uphold Canadian values of inclusion and opportunity to newcomers. They have made the effort to ensure their work environment is inclusive and provides opportunities to anyone, no matter where they come from. The following employees are a testament to Trend Innovations inclusive and welcoming environment.

Developing New Skills

Trend Innovations current graphic designer, Gonzalo came to Canada looking for new opportunities and was not disappointed. Encouraged by his sister already living in Canada, Gonzalo packed up his life on the Canary Islands of Spain and moved to Canada. He began with 1½ year program in business administration which soon landed him an internship at Trend Innovations. Gonzalo expressed that “from the first day I felt like my opinion mattered, just as much as everyone else”. Gonzalo was then mentored and encouraged to pursue his passion for graphic design within the company. This is the experience that every new Canadian hope’s for. Trend Innovations is providing an excellent example of how to provide a diverse and inclusive workplace. They are not just searching out already skilled workers but taking new people and developing their passion and skills.

Appreciating Current Skills

Gustavo who is originally from Bogota, Columbia is Trend Innovations newest photographer and he is also grateful for the welcoming environment the company has provided. Gustavo, who has years of experience in photography, came to Canada in search of new opportunities and to expand his skills in graphic design. He feels fortunate to have found a place at Trend Innovations because they encourage him to do what he loves, create and collaborate with his colleagues. He knows that not everyone who comes to Canada is lucky enough to find work related to their skills and in such a welcoming environment. Gustavo commented that he thinks he will be very happy at Trend Innovations as they have provided an inclusive and creative environment from day one.

Trend Innovations Welcomes Everyone

It is clear that Trend Innovations is a place that values diversity, upholding the Canadian values of welcoming differences and newcomers. This environment stems from Trend Innovations two founders, Jelena Neylan and J.F Gauthier, who believe in a well-balanced team. They have a diverse team which is perfect because they have diverse population of customers in Canada. Trend Innovations has not only provided the opportunities to newcomers, but also offer a space of collaboration and respect. Ideas and opinions are valued no matter what your background is. Trend Innovations focus on health and wellness brands means that they want to be accessible to help everyone in Canada live healthier and happier lives.